Back on the ugly sweater world championship

Yes, yes, you read well. There is indeed a world championship of lousy pull. This UFO festival was held this weekend in Albi.

This Saturday, November 25 was held in Albi, the first ever world championship of the sweater ugly, as part of the 3rd salon of Vintage. On the program: pullovers of shame, upright collar who scratch, colorful wool, see multicolored and of course, reindeer and knitted snowmen. For this international meeting that brought together more than 600 participants, including English, Swiss, Portuguese and Spanish, kitsch and bad taste were, of course, at the rendezvous for the pleasure of the eyes. The participants could compete in three categories: child, solo and group-family. The candidates had all competed with each other to find the most beautiful of all ugly pullovers. A retirement home even presented a shock team, consisting of grandmothers from a knitting workshop.

The winners of each category, judged by a jury of 5 people, won, as you can imagine, a Christmas sweater and knitting kits. The big winner in the individual category was wearing a burgundy sweater with mismatched colors and a deer. The winners of the group category had, for their part, opted for pullovers that did not go together at all. Finally, it is a little girl named Nina who won the competition, in the children's category, with a fluorescent green sweater.

This event is part of a real phenomenon. Because, for some seasons, the Christmas sweaters have never been so trendy. Moreover, in a few days, December 16, will be the International Christmas Sweater Day. A day a little special, which brings up to date the offbeat, ugly and vintage.

It's official, sweaters knitted by our grandmothers with a wool that scratches have, today, a new youth. One thing is certain, we are waiting for the next edition of this colorful festival to release our ugly sweater.

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