How to eliminate pilling on my sweater to give it a youthful look?

Cashmere, mohair or merino: same fight. The more we wear them, the more they peck. How to overcome it and increase the life of your favorite sweater? We tell you everything.

Warm, cozy, cozy and stylish: impossible to spend the winter without his little woolen sweater. Whether mixed mesh or 100% cashmere, we despair of seeing pills appear as we wear it.
Contrary to what we think, pilling is not necessarily synonymous with poor quality and acrylic galore. Even the most luxurious wools do not resist rubbing and always end up forming small puddles on the surface.

What tricks to overcome the pills of my sweater?

1. Take advantage of the slightest boredom to go hunting for pills by removing them by hand.
The meeting is prolonged and does not really concern you? Neither seen nor known, take advantage of it to hunt down the first pills. A laborious method but that will still be more effective - and more discreet - if you have long nails!

2. Invest in an adhesive brush
Or in an adhesive tape. The idea? Use it whenever you want to don your sweater. And yes, the adage of our grandmothers "Prevention is better than cure" also applies to pills!

3. Handle the tweezers
This is the tool to draw to address the problem as soon as it appears and not let it gain ground before discouraging us. Be careful though to shoot only the pills and not to trap a mesh in the process.

4. Use your razor
This is the most radical method but requires a little sweetness. No need to invest in a specific model wool (yes, it exists), an electric shaver (or not) and first price will do very well. Go slow and pass the blade of the razor always up and down to avoid damaging the stitches.

5. Recycle the rag comb
His teeth are very tight are particularly effective with cashmere they do not attack the mesh, provided you stretch the pullover.

6. Piercing the curlers of her grandmother
The method ? We rub, we roll!

The trick you never thought about (and we did not)? Use the abrasive side of the kitchen sponge. No need to tell you that the sponge must be new and clean! For the handymen, it seems that it works with sandpaper too.

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