20 jumpsuits to get dressed at a glance

Will you fall for the pants combination this winter? Zoom on our selection of the most beautiful models of the season and trends to adopt.

The benefits of the jumpsuit:

If you are not yet convinced by the many qualities of the combination trouseryou will most certainly be at the end of this paragraph. On the one hand, because this trendy garment has the advantage of being a strong piece that is self-sufficient. With her, no need for frills,accessories various or know well to match his trousers with its high ... On the other hand, with the jumpsuit, you are dressed in less than 5 seconds, all with a look. This will save you precious minutes in the morning. Finally, and last but not least, it is perfect for the winter because it keeps warm and is as comfortable as your inescapable jogging cocooning.

>>> Zoom on the most beautiful models of pantsuits to wear this winter!

What combination for what morpho?

1) You are tall:
If you are slender, you have to break your figure by opting for a wide and fluid pants at the bottom but close to the body at the top. If you find that your legs are too long, avoid choosing a model that marks your size. Indeed, with the illusion of an elongated bust, your legs will look a little shorter.

2) You are small:
You have often heard that the combination was not made for you and well, that's wrong. To put your morphology in value, opt for a jumpsuit that reveals a good part of your body: bust, shoulders, arms, ankles. To you models 7 / 8th, strapless or bare shoulders, which lengthen your silhouette.

3) You are thin:
Little lucky, you can afford anything, whether it is a waisted combination or otherwise, completely loose. The ideal is still the patterned jumpsuits that can create volume where there is little.

4) You are round:
If you have some curves like a little bidou, hips or an imposing chest, opt for fluid models, made in soft materials that do not mark your shapes. The waisted cuts at the top and right at the pants, are ideal to highlight your figure. Finally, if you are complexed by the small curves of your arms, crack for models with sleeves.

Trend models this season

Before choosing your favorite trendy model, know that there is a golden rule: you must always opt for a model that hints at a part of your body. By revealing your décolleté, your shoulders, your arms or your ankles you will thus avoid any unfortunate resemblance with the uniform of work of a mechanic. This year, it will be necessary to count on the V-neck combinations plunging, slightly open at the chest, wrap or bare shoulders. Low side, time is 7 / 8th cuts or so outright oversize with skirt-inspired inspiration.
And the colors then? If the black jumpsuit is on the rise because it is chic in all circumstances, other colors are also in the lead on the podium, like red, burgundy, midnight blue and emerald green. Finally, on the subject side, there is no doubt about it, the velvet has also conquered the combi. We also find satin, silk, jeans, lace, lurex, flakes and sequins. In short, a small thing tells us that it already feels the holidays.

The combi-pants, we mix it with what?

1) During the day:
The combination is a piece that reflects the image of a classy garment, so do not overdo it during the day. To break this chic side, do not hesitate to mix it with street and casual elements like a pair of white sneakers, a bomber or a loose coat and a hat. If you want to recycle your short-sleeved summer suit, do not hesitate to wear it over a knit top or sweater. collar. This is the trend detail to adopt this year.

2) In the evening:
In the evening, it's time to dare the chic and the sexy to 100%. Opt for a pair of iridescent or sequined pumps, a choker and an elegant pouch. To not be cold, there is nothing better than a perfecto jacket or a trench coat. To know that you can wear both on your shoulders, it is the gesture elegance par excellence.

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