The iconic Buffalo shoes are back!

After bomber, mom jean, crop top, velvet and choker, it's time for Buffalo shoes to make their comeback. A comeback that would almost make us want to listen to the Spice Girls.

Come on, we take his old walkman and we launch "Wannabe" Spice Girls. Because, yes, the Buffalo are back ! If you are a child or teenager of the 90s, one thing is certain: you wore Buffalo (or at least you dreamed of wearing it if your parents did not agree). Small booster shot: Buffalo was these sneakers to platform with which not to twist the ankle resulted from the feat. The Buffalo was mostly these shoes trend at the feet of all Generation Y and in particular 5 girls in the wind: Emma, ​​Victoria, Melanie B, Melanie C and Geri, aka the Spice Girls. While these sneakers were (fortunately) remained at the level of oblivion, well hidden in a box, at the bottom of the attic, next to your old Reebok and your Champion sweatshirt, they come back to the front of the stage. Admittedly, it would be a euphemism to say that these shoes are not very pretty but here, nostalgia makes them always have a small place in the bottom of our heart. And the British luxury brand Browns surfs the wave. Indeed, she currently sells two models: one black and one white. And surprise, there is already a waiting list to get them: " The Buffalo were my favorite shoes. I'm really happy with their return and I think it will work well ", says Ida Petersson, purchasing manager of the women's party for Browns Fashion, adding:" We had a lot of feedback from our customers when we announced the sale of the Buffalo. Personally, I expect to buy both pairs. " And you, are you ready to (re) launch in the regressive adventure of the Buffalo?

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