Brigitte Macron for the first time in a little green dress

A wind of novelty seems to blow on the dressing of the First Lady ...

After a few sardines, Brigitte Macron regain the hearts of fashionistas with more chic outfits than each other! But the First Lady does not just resume the codes of the wardrobe of elegant basics which has earned him many praises, now she innovates in (almost) each of his appearances.

Long original sweater and navy schoolgirl skirt to receive the children of Unicef ​​or plum flared dress to sign his return fashion, Brigitte Macron dares new looks that change his dress code for our greatest pleasure! Another surprise at the Jacques Chirac Prize at Quai Branly, the first lady twisted his faithful chic little dress in a dark green color very elegant that we had never seen before. A new color that adds to the range of blue, beige, gray and black that accompanies it on all occasions.

With this surprising model of a straight green dress with round neck, Brigitte Macron proves that we still have plenty to discover from her First Lady dressing. And to perfect her look, she also remixed her black suit jacket she wears long over her short dress to structure her figure. Black tights little opaque revealing her legs and shoes black sober and classic, Brigitte has accessorize her outfit with simplicity in addition to the few jewels she rarely leaves. A successful color look that confirms the return of Brigitte on the fashion scene!


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