A mannequin makes the cover of Vogue with his son with trisomy

This is unheard of ! The model Amanda Booth covers the Dutch Vogue with her 3-year-old son with trisomy. A gesture full of tolerance for a crisp result.

It's a big first in the world of fashion. For its Dutch edition, Vogue magazine has chosen to highlight the difference. Ex-playmate, the model Amanda Booth poses this time with her son.
Aged 3, Micah is not a child like any other. Three months after his birth, he is diagnosed with trisomy 21. Instead of being discouraged, Amanda and her husband decide to fight and open an Instagram account "Life with Micah" to raise public awareness of this disease still often pointed out. The parents reveal Micah's daily life between holidays, children's nonsense, hugs and family portraits. Amanda Booth fans love it and today they are more than 55,000 followers of Micah's Instagram account.
On her behalf, the 31-year-old model had a very long thank-you message: "It's an honor for me and my son to be on Vogue's cover this month. I'm pretty sure Micah is the first person with trisomy on the cover of Vogue magazine! I could not be more proud, thank you for sharing our story. "

This is not the first time that the model and her son have the honors of the cover of a magazine. They had already done it in September 2016 for "Parents".

But this is the first time for a fashion magazine!

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