Valérie Damidot: her daughter Roxane creates customizable bags

If you are still looking for an original holiday gift, we have (perhaps) THE ideal solution: a completely personalized bag according to your tastes, your passions or even your habits. In short, a bag that reflects your personality.

At a time when one often has the impression of crossing, in the street, clones all dressed in the same way, the brand Jnapleg does good. Jnapleg is the story of a young designer, Roxane Damidot, who makes tote bags twisted illustrations to your image.
Example: you are in love with DiCaprio, you love your cat, you only swear by your Dior lipstick and your bedside book is Madame BovaryWell, Roxane draws them on your bag. Fun, girly and colorful illustrations that accompany you everywhere. Because like his mother, Valérie Damidot, Roxane has the artistic fiber.

After a master's degree in graphic design, she realizes she wants to become an illustrator. One day, when she buys a completely empty tote bag, she decides to customize in his way. She draws what she loves most in the world: her dog, her cat, a mozzarella tomato, vicks vapo rub, a daffodil (" it is the flower that my darling offers me all the time ") and a potion of Harry Potter.This good idea begins to seduce his girlfriends, his entourage and very quickly, the word of mouth makes his work:" that's where I realized I had a real good idea ".

Today, in his Paris studio, Roxane is on all fronts. She extended the concept to sweat, who ask only one thing: to be customized too: " I am very open to the exchange with my clients and according to their desires I adapt myself With the Christmas season, Roxane gets a lot of orders: " It's exciting to know that some of my items will be under the Christmas trees of dozens of people On our side, for sure, Roxane's tote bags will certainly be at the foot of the tree.

You can find Roxane Damidot's custom bags and sweatshirts on her eshop, on social networks and especially on his Instagram account.

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