15 little black dresses that change from the ordinary for the holidays

Timeless and elegant, it is part of the basics that are good tones for the festivities of the end of the year. But no question of having the same as all the other women of the evening. Give yourself a little black dress at any price in our selection from 18 €!

The advantages of the little party dress ...

This wonderful basic wardrobe has the merit ofto refine any silhouette and thus highlight all morphologies ! The little black dress is reinvented, indeed, to envy to camouflage wide hips, emphasize a wasp waist or reveal a pretty neckline. Close to the body to mold your advantageous forms or, on the contrary, straight or flared to forget your love handles or your bouncy buttocks, she has everything good whatever its look. Bustier for a sensual or long-sleeved neckline for the most chilly, you see your desire for the evening.
A boon to get on his 31 without making a fuss and change in the blink of an eye back from work for those working on New Year's Eve.
Finally, the little black dress, easily associates with accessories the simplest as the most original and allows you to customize it to the heart and according to the occasion. A family party around a nice dinner? The little black dress wakes up with a pretty necklace, a maxi pair of earrings or an elegant cuff. An evening that promises to be festive until the end of the night? Dare the rhinestone clutch and glittery shoes! And if you want, you can simply put it to your taste with some of your favorite accessories!

You want a nice model that changes the ordinary? Here is our selection of 15 original little black dresses!

Materials, cuts and details: what will fly to twister your little black dress in this Christmas 2017 and New Year's Day?

If we love her sober and elegant look, the little black dress also knows how to play it original wish. Your basic then has nothing to envy to the rest of the dressing room!
Fabric side, we dare to put it in step with trends with a velvet soft touch or tulle discreet as profusion, sailing light or multiplication of thickness for more opulence.
The key to not having the same little black dress as the others in the evening is to choose it with a detail that makes the difference or even downright bold.

For example, we remix the traditional plumetis with little flecked peas, we play the map of the lace insert at a place never seen, we wear a fun and discreet print like stars or a galaxy to be stacked in the cosmic trend , we wear an embroidery or a small corner of sequins surprising, it is chosen with an integrated choker necklace for a sexy note, we offer a mix of original materials, a nice set of fancy sleeves or a neckline in the back worked .
And for those who dare, we mix the codes of the dressing of the daily with that of holidays with a stripes tuxedo mixed with a very winter fur fake edge, or we dare to make a sprain to the rule with a simple tulle enhanced by a metallic effect.

It's up to you to choose your personal asset to twister your little black dress!

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