How to dress when you have wide hips? Our tips to highlight you

You have wide hips and you do not know how to adapt your clothes to this little defect that is not one? Here are our tips.

First, know that there are two types of morphologies with "wide hips". If you have the size drawn, an imposing chest and hips well marked, you have a morphology called hourglass. If, on the contrary, you have shoulders and a narrow bust for wide hips, you have a so-called pyramid morphology. Know that, in any case, your curves are an asset as glamorous as feminine, so say goodbye to your small complexes.

Wide hips: what to avoid

1) The topics that focus on your hips:

Extremely elastic fabrics like lycra or too elastic like stretch, are not your best allies. Forget about overlays of materials that do not showcase your figure.

2) The cuts that "widen" your hips:

Side cuts, whether for a skirt, shorts or pants, avoid the waist-low and the waist-high. These two opposites do not highlight your morphology. On the contrary, they accentuate your pelvis. So prefer a size of all that is more normal, that is to say, just below the navel.
Finally ladies, contrary to what one might think, oversize cuts do not show off your hips. Instead of hiding what you want to hide, they focus on it and tend to pack the silhouette.

Fashion tips to highlight wide hips:

1) The good materials:

It's not just the shape of your dress, skirt or trousers that's premium. To emphasize your hips, you simply need fluid tissues but without associating them with too large cuts. On the program: fine wool or cotton, which bring lightness to your look.

2) The good parts:

If you are out of inspiration during your shopping, here is a non-exhaustive list of items for which you can crack without hesitation.
- First, opt for the straight-cut trousers. It's good, it's a little it-pants of the season, especially if it has a small vintage effect.
- The right skirt, meanwhile, whether short or long, always makes its small effect.
- Know also that the skater skirt is totally perfect for your morphology since it does not mold your hips and puts in two stages, three movements, your legs in value.
- On the high side, you wear the slightly unbuttoned vests and shirts that catch your eye on your chest rather than on your hips.
- You can also fall for empire-sized tops or blouses that subtly conceal your hips.

3) Manage colors and patterns well:

If your hips are for you a complex, it is better to avoid that the eyes of others are attracted by this zone. For that, you have to know how to dose! Avoid loud colors and prefer darker colors. Be careful, that does not mean that you have to completely banish and scratch the color of your wardrobe. The most important thing is to play on the gradations by wearing a darker color on the hips. For the rest you can completely let go, and without any problem. Another option, the color in total look or in monochrome. It will give you the impression of being finer.

And the reasons then? Of course you have the right. All like colors, everything is here a question of dosage (a bit like cooking finally). For example, prefer stripes in height rather than horizontal ones that lengthen your silhouette. Also avoid the accumulation of different patterns. Finally, if you like print (plus, they are terribly trend), choose them on more bent parts.

4) Accessories, to look away from your hips:

Shoes addictyou'll be happy with this news: shoes can help you showcase your wide hips. Good news, no? The ideal, you guessed it, are the heels. Choose preferably square, from 5 cm, to combine comfort and elegance. Do not neglect the boots with pointed ends that lengthen the feet or wedges that make you endless legs, to the point of forgetting your hips.

Accessories, for their part, also have a role to play. Especially when it comes to focusing on another part of your body than your hips. As it's winter, now is the time to catch the eye on your head with a beautiful, original cap or trendy beret. As for jewelry, opt for a choker or jumper that will enhance your neck and décolleté. And now, you do not even have to camouflage your hips.

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