High collar: the trend is coming back! Here are 20 pieces to adopt it

Halfway between the turtleneck and the choker, the high collar top benefits from revival nineties to win in the collections. Zoom on the 20 most beautiful models of the season.

Less snug than the turtleneck, less popular than the choker and less sexy than the V-neck, the collar has always had a bit of trouble to win in the collections. Let's even admit that he had slightly disappeared from fashion radars in recent years.
But this winter 2017-2018 could well ring the time of his revenge. Boosted by the return of the big trends that made the fashion of the 1990s (the cuts "lose", the formats cropped, the Belgian minimalism epoch "The 6 of Antwerp", the effects ribbed and close to the body), it is of all the collections. Not convinced yet? Take a look at our selection of the 20 most beautiful pieces of the season to adopt the high collar.

The stand-up collar has a lot of advantages: it's warmer than the V-neck, it does not smother like a turtleneck. We know him only one big defect that certainly earns him his position of unloved stitch: he cuts the neck in two! Result: even those who have never complexed on their neck (too thick, too short, too thin, too "giraffe") sometimes start to doubt them.
To adopt the high neck must therefore be cunning and play with the materials and volumes of the collar. Your neck is small or thick? Blow it by choosing a model not too amount and rather fluid. Your neck looks more like a giraffe? Lucky, you can then afford the well-fitting models, which give a look in the blink of an eye.
Last tip (but which falls under the obvious): always choose a model that does not scratch not to spend the day bitterly regret its morning outfit!

The easiest : as a sub-sweater for a very wise look if you took care to choose it in a finely ribbed material. A slim, sneakers and you're holding the "casualday" par excellence.
The most fashion : with a great man's shirt slipped underneath and protruding from everywhere: wrists of the sleeves, points of the raised collar and hanging shirt-tails. An even sharper look if you opt for a turtleneck turtleneck retro and Irish spirit!
The coolest : a sweater oversized and soft (good point for models in mohair), slipped nonchalantly into the belt of his jeans or his pencil skirt.
The sexiest : when the high neck goes with a spirit dress nineties, ribbed and close to the body, it has something to capsize ... especially if you zap the sneakers for a pair of pretty heeled boots!

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