15 models of comfortable shoes to go to work (without hurting your feet!)

Do you like heels but much less foot pain that goes with it? No more compromise between being elegant or comfortable to go to the office, we put on comfortable shoes. Find yours in our selection of trendy designs from € 23.95!

What comfortable shoes to wear to go to work?

To be comfortable in your shoes, many details of your model are to watch. They are essential because it is they who will allow you to feel comfortable in your shoes with heels, so be vigilant!

1 - The height of the heel

Yes ladies, there is no mystery, not to suffer too much in heels by multiplying the round trips throughout the day, better bet on a heel height reasonable. Finished the stilettos perched on 12 cm that are swapped after one hour for the pair of ballerinas that hang in our bag: we choose smart pumps that do not see higher than our ambitions to walk all day in heels this which is already a feat in itself. So cap on trotting heels that make us win between 3 and 7 cm maximum to gain height without having the impression of being on stilts, it is the rule n ° 1 to have comfortable shoes.

2- The shape of the heel

In addition to the height which is certainly the first criterion to take into account, the shape of your heels is also important! Avoid cracking for stiletto-style stiletto heels, they offer you little stability and you might run your ankle running around. Instead, adopt wide, square or even round heels for a more fun touch. These heels on the ground perfect for walking allow you to take good support to avoid over solicit another foot party in compensation. And if you are comfortable, the shape of the heels can even allow you to choose slightly higher heels. A boon if you are small!

3- The shape of the shoe

Finally, the shape of your shoe is not only to accessorize your look but to give you more (or less!) Comfort. For example, the rounded or square ends of your shoes will be less painful for your toes than a pointy toe pump which tightens them. Similarly, a very open shoes with a wide neck on the top of the foot can make you lose stability when the heel is a little higher because your foot is then less maintained by the shoe. So pay attention to the notch of the shoe to ensure optimal comfort.

How to find a comfortable shoe when you have a wide foot?

The so-called "strong" feet will not be comfortable in a model of shoe too narrow. So prefer models that best fit the morphology of your foot and forget all the small ultra thin shoes that you already suffer at first glance, at least when you want to walk with the whole day. They may otherwise squeeze your foot too much and add an extra area of ​​discomfort that will always be more painful with each step. Luckily, many brands now offer a range of shoes called "wide fit", that is to say slightly wider than the average because they are specially designed for strong feet. Why deprive yourself now that the brands have started! And you will not necessarily need to spend more since low-price brands like New Look also offer!

Comfortable pumps: what brands do they offer?

You are really sensitive feet and for you the heels are like a nightmare? So bet on brands such as Pediconfort or the Tamaris Heart & Sole line that have made your well-being their priority. Designed with orthopedists, they will allow you to live better with your shoes with heels to wear them from morning until the end of the night without difficulty while having a look canon!

But if your pain is just feeling normal after the foot has been perched on the heels all day, ignore the misconceptions and look for the ideal model with all our previous tips, with this little guide Heeled shoes that only want you good, you can find comfortable shoes at all shoe sellers to follow trends !

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