An anti-Victoria's Secret parade celebrates the diversity of women

While the highly anticipated Victoria's Secret show will be broadcast on TVs around the world on November 28, let's return to a show (almost similar), which has decided to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all women.

Every year, the annual Victoria's Secret Angels Parade makes the buzz. No wonder that: show trend breathtaking, live with the greatest artists of the moment, dream setting and above all, models as sublime as bankable. Be part of the angels of Victoria's SecretIt's a bit like the Holy Grail. But now, if this show is dreaming any person a little bit interested in fashion, this parade can also spin us some complex. And there's what: vertiginous and tapered legs, sizes 36 and body as sexy as athletic. To counter this event, two sisters wanted to celebrate the beauty of women's diversity by creating their own parade. This happened on October 16th, in the United States. At the origin of the project: Lexy and Alysse Scaffidi. For them, beauty is not just a mannequin, a size, a measurement, or a color of skin. For them, beauty is diversity. It is as round as it is lean, big or small, tanned, white or mixed. To prove it, they put on a show identical to that of Victoria's Secret. It brought together 21 young women of different morphology and physique.

Beauty in all these forms is what we would like to see more often.


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