15 winter skirts trend to less than 30 euros

In winter, we would like to stay wrapped up in a jog and an oversized knit sweater. But here, this cocooning uniform is not necessarily adapted to everyday life and even less, in the office or out. So, what if you dare skirt? Zoom on the trend models of the year, to shop less than 30 euros.

The eternal timeless

On the podium of trendy models, we always find the irreducible and very glamorous pencil skirt. In no time, she succeeded in highlighting your silhouette and feminize all your looks. Always on the front of the stage, the midi skirt and the mid-length skirt are present this season, perfect to keep warm your small legs. In addition, thanks to them, you can wear a skirt even if you are complexed by your legs. We say yes!

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Trendy shapes

To change a little, what better than to afford a model ultra trend among the it-skirts of the year. On the program this season: the mid-thigh skirt. Sexy just what it takes, she is portable for any occasion. Bodycon or skater, it's up to you. Another option to adopt is the asymmetrical skirt, which this year is making a comeback. The pleated skirt, she, always has the same rating, provided that it is mixed with parts less preppy. Finally, if you want to inject a good dose of originality into your everyday look, do not hesitate to crack for a skirt with ruffles or a knitted skirt. They are both terribly trendy. With them, impossible to make a faux-pas fashion.

And the subjects then?

To adopt the skirt in winter, opt for winter materials in which it will be good to snuggle in the morning. Wool and suede are, for example, perfect fabrics to wear the skirt in a very pampering style. So that your legs do not catch cold, the velvet will help you to face the negative temperatures with style. Finally, for a slightly more rock and sexy side, nothing better than a pretty black denim skirt or a skirt leather or leather effect.

Colors and prints

And yes ladies, in life there is not only the black skirt that counts. So certainly, the latter is a timeless for mornings in a hurry. But know that it's good to have fun with more colorful models. This year, the skirts are adorned with checks, brocade, floral or cosmic print. On the color side, the time is bordeaux, red, midnight blue, gray and camel. Finally, if you remain a true unconditional black skirt, try light declinations with sequins, plumetis, pearls or even fringes.

Good associations to not be cold in skirt

If in winter you are among those who prefer to stay in pants for fear of cold legs, know that you can easily feel warm with a skirt. For this, simply choose the rest of your outfit. A long skirt or midi will be perfect with an oversized sweater or a sweatshirt, all, slightly tucked into the skirt. With a shorter skirt or simply, more sexy, opt for a sweater collar collar or turtleneck. The latter calm the game and keeps you warm. You can also play on the volumes by orienting you towards long jackets in big mesh, which match perfectly with skirts more vaporous. Regarding coats, choose long when you have a short skirt and short when wearing a long skirt. This is the best way to structure your silhouette. Finally, do not hesitate to play on accessories. The most important remaining dark opaque tights or wool to have warm. You can also dare high knit socks. The trend is to the small details in sequins or lurex that make your look even more feminine.



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