Dress Code: Find out what the Queen of England does not have the right to wear

If you thought a queen has the right to do anything, you're wrong. And yes, Elizabeth II is forbidden, especially when she dresses. Discover what the protocol imposes on him.

It is well known, the English protocol is very strict. And whether it's the queen or Kate Middleton, both of them normally have to apply it to the letter. But then, what about the rules imposed on Elizabeth II's wardrobe? Know first that it is totally forbidden to wear nail polish. You will never see the queen with glitter or red on the fingertips. It's a shame, no?

Regarding the choice of her shoes, Elizabeth II is not entitled to wedge heels, flat shoes and even less, sandals. The latter could reveal his toes in the eyes of all, and that, the protocol says no. That's why she is always perched on small comfortable square heels.

Another golden rule, and not least, the queen must always be visible. And yes, with pink, lemon yellow or apple green, she is sure to be noticed. It is also for this reason that it adopts only transparent umbrellas in case of bad weather.

Finally, accessories side, the queen has no more freedom. She can not wear costume jewelry and the handbag, she has the right to wear it at the elbow and especially not on the shoulder.

Finally, it's not easy every day to be the Queen of England.

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