The schoolgirl look of Brigitte Macron to receive children from Unicef

This Monday, the first lady received the children of Unicef. For the occasion, she chose to adopt a school-inspired look. A faultless simple and chic.

Brigitte Macron can adapt his looks to situations. She has a new proof at the beginning of this week, when she received, at the Elysee, a delegation of children from Unicef. Radiant and smiling, she had opted for a look that combines elegance and simplicity. A perfect fashion combo to receive children and avoid a potential controversy of clothing or fashion faux-pas. For the occasion, Emmanuel Macron's wife wore a beautiful long sweater, a short skirt, dark tights and a pair of black high boots. All in a shades of navy blue, a color that is reminiscent of the color of the uniforms of schoolchildren in some institutions. For a touch of color, the pretty blonde had chosen a white sweater that was elegantly out of her blue sweater night. A perfect look, which contrasts with its pretty zip dress recently worn.
His return mode is well and truly confirmed. We validate!

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