15 looks less than 20 € for parties

Do not want to ruin yourself to put on your 31? So much the better, we found something to bluff everyone without having to spend more than 20 €.

Between the budget gifts, the holiday and the food, the end of the year is often synonymous with the end of the difficult month.
Contrary to what one might think, do not bother to put on the straw to find something to dress for the holidays. Sometimes just a few things (thank you accessories exist) and know how to browse the shelves to find the rare pearl able to turn your outfit into a look "Wow"!
The proof with this selection of 15 outfits for parties less than 20 €!

The coveted dress or skirt is black? Go for it. It will take just a few things to make it go from basic little black dress to pretty dress that throws. A rhinestone jewel, a glam pouch, a faux-fur jacket and you're done!
Concrete example with this Zara long-sleeved dress, "vampée" with a jewel collar!

She has something shining? Bingo: who says glitter says feast. It also works with sequins and Lurex. Even the most mundane t-shirt or toddler can be the best ally of a festive look from the moment it shines a little.

She has a detail a little too much? By too-much, we think lace, pearls, transparency, flying, asymmetry, etc. In short, that things difficult to tame normally to go work but that will be perfect on the day to shine without having to make tons.

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