5 things you did not know about Azzedine Alaïa

If the creations of Azzedine Alaïa remain forever engraved in the collective imagination, the life of this artist, always dressed in black, remains it, less known. Mediatized and irreducible resistant to the fashion industry, zoom on the one who has always sublimated the body of women.

Sculptural and timeless dresses whose sole purpose was to magnify the female body. That's how we could summarize the work ofAzzedine Alaia, famous couturier Franco-Tunisian, died this weekend, at the age of 77 years. This little man, eternally dressed in a black Chinese costume, has always remained the same. Scissor magician and enchanting female body, Azzedine Alaïa has gone through the ages, leaving behind a career of talent and a good dose of mystery.

1) He did not participate in the fashion week:

Azzedine Alaïa never did things like everyone else. Always on the sidelines of the fashion industry, he refused to follow the dictates too often imposed by this environment. Rather than working at the pace of fashion week, the creator always presented his collections on the fringes of the effervescence of his crazy weeks. Not claiming a media fashion or a business fashion, he worked according to his desires and at his own pace. He could, at times, not present any collection for several years. Last May, it was his first parade after 6 years of absence. His credo is ultimately the timeless rather than the trend.

2) It's the inventor of the body:

Azzedine Alaïa invented clothes. Unconsciously, we are very much in the mood for his iconic sculptural dresses, worn by all the stars of the 80s and 90s. Among these pieces, know that Azzedine Alaïa is none other than the inventor of body black. This second-skin garment was born in the 80s under the impulse of his pencil and is, today, still as trendy.

3) The stars called it "master":

" Master ". This is a nickname that says a lot about his talent. "Master" was what the stars called him, all irrevocably fans of his work. Celebrities, he came across and dressed hundreds through Arletty, Greta Garbo, Naomi Campbell, Madonna or Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and even, Rihanna.

4) He created a collection for Tati:

When H & M has made a habit of collaborating each year with big houses like Kenzo or BalmainAzzedine Alaïa was one of the forerunners of the concept. And yes, he was the first to collaborate with a ready-to-wear store in 1991. His name? Tati. The same year, he confided in Liberation: " When I was traveling in Tunisia, I always saw those people in Orly cluttered in their big Tati bags that were often packed, and I wanted to do something good for this popular, often poor, clientele who did not have the ways to afford more fashion items ".

5) Before turning to fashion, he chose sculpture:

Finally, when we look more closely at her dresses, it seems obvious. King of scissors, Azzedine Alaïa had the talent to create second-skin clothing that highlighted the curves of women, such sculptures that would be modeled to perfection. Sculpture, he had studied in Tunis, the fine arts, before coming to live in France. In 2013 he confided to Telerama: " Mold on the body is like sculpting ".


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