Video - 3 tips to strengthen your tights

The tights are very practical but they are ultra light sail or very opaque, they remain fragile. To avoid the hassle of sticky spun in the middle of the day, here are 3 ways to strengthen your tights so they last longer!

Fantasy wish or minimalist, the tights are often essential for us to make pretty legs in dress or skirt and protect us from the cold. Only here, it sometimes feels like you do not stop buying because you have to change them when you ruin them by wearing them, especially in winter when you can not do without! With their fine and fragile knit, addicts are numerous and your favorite tights relax day after day until soon to take one more size. Whether it's a question of budget or just the fear of not being able to wear your favorite pair of tights this season, do not wait to have tights all spun and you fall on the ankles to react! Here are 3 tips for strengthen your tights :

Tip # 1: Strengthen her tights with lacquer

No, you're not dreaming, your hairspray has more than one trick between his pschitts! And to make your sail more resistant, spray it generously on your tights before wearing them. The lacquer then reinforces the fragile meshes and neutralizes as a bonus the static electricity. Not bad is not it ? Then you just need to let dry your tights well before putting them on to resist all the hardships of your day. And if you wear them very often and wash them so regularly, do not hesitate to repeat the operation from time to time after washing.

Tip # 2: strengthen her tights in the freezer

Another technique just as amazing as effective, a small passage of your accessory in your freezer. To do this, rinse your new tights with clear water, fold them and then slip them into a freezer bag. Then drop your pantyhose in a bag in your freezer and let them go a few hours or even a whole night. The cold will strengthen the mesh to prevent it distend and your tights will also be more resistant to little addicts. All you have to do is take them out of the freezer, let any ice residues melt and allow the mesh to dry before putting on to dress your legs.

Tips n ° 3: strengthen her tights with sweet water

Here is a misunderstood use of sugar that will make the happiness of your legs veiled by your favorite tights. Begin by filling a bowl of water and add sugar. In piece so that it melts or directly in powder, it does not matter it's up to you to see! Then immerse your pantyhose for them to soak upsweet water to strengthen the mesh and wait a few minutes. You can then dry your tights to wear them as usual. They will spin much less quickly!

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