3 tips for finding your party outfit easily

In lack of ideas, stuck by a mini budget or looking for a unique style, whatever your problematic here are solutions to find your evening look and dress on your 31 without making head!

Problem # 1: I do not know how to dress for the holiday season

The end of year celebrations are the perfect opportunity to try a look that changes the ordinary and showcase you. It would be a shame to end up with the same little dress as last year ...
With your life up to an hour, you do not have time to look for the perfect outfit or you simply do not know how to play with fashion to camouflage your complexes and sublimate your assets to be on top and on your 31? Trust personal shopping service from MyPersonalCloset who cooks you on request a special trunk party with all you need to dress on the day D: 6 clothing, 2 pairs of shoes and 4 trendy accessories specially chosen for you by a stylist according to your morphology, your tastes and expectations from the moment. You can receive your trunk "party dress" all over France and enjoy 7 days of fitting before making your choice definitive and return what you do not keep. You only pay for your party attire at the boutique price and receive personalized advice free bonuses. A considerable time saving and a service without obligation to purchase to find your party outfit without the hassle! Not bad is not it ?

Problem # 2: I do not have the budget to give me the holiday party of my dreams

You do not miss any ideas to put you on your 31 only here, you rather have luxury tastes with regards to your evening looks and your wallet does not follow. Never mind, with a simple subscription of one month to the Habibliothèque you will be able rent party looks that make you dream in small and large creators and this in the blink of an eye! Between the many Christmas family and the festivities of the new year, the subscription is quickly profitable and you will not have beautiful outfits that hang in your closet without being able to wear them while you sacrificed all your savings. To get access to a dressing room that is out of your budget usually, you only need to subscribe then to select 3 pieces that you wish to wear for the holidays in a catalog of more than 2500 pieces, without forgetting to choose your delivery method (Chronopost J + 1 in the whole of France, Coursier in Paris, or Click & Collect Showroom Paris 3rd for express delivery).
Once your order is received, keep your outfits as much time as you want and even trade if you have changed your mind for your next look. You will only have to make your looks after rental. By switching a few pieces right after wearing them, you'll have unlimited party looks!

Problem # 3: I want a unique evening outfit

Your thing is rather do not have the same outfit as everyone ? What if you went through the expert hands of a seamstress? Visit the Capsul Studio website to choose a piece of clothing who looks like you and that you can customize by a seamstress. From the pattern of the fabric to the length through personal details, everything goes to offer you a unique outfit and hand-stitched.
And for the most manual, the alternative proposed by Louis Antoinette invites you to sew your little black dress yourself with a Sewing Kit composed of a pattern, a fabric and the necessary haberdashery to make your party dress. All of course accompanied by an explanatory notebook to be sure to succeed your homemade look! Do not worry, you can do it even if you are not a customization pro!

And you, what good plan will you test to find your beautiful outfits this year?

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