Kate Middleton, pregnant, she breaks protocol in very short dress

Would the Duchess of Cambridge have fashionable rights because of her pregnancy?

After a difficult early pregnancy, Kate Middleton chain public appearances more radiant than ever! And if the young woman, pregnant with her third child, is already in her fourth month of pregnancy, she does not fail to maintain its reputation as a seasoned fashionist.

>> Kate Middleton, pregnant, she displays her round belly in a floral dress

As her belly gradually bursts, The Duchess of Cambridge takes full advantage of the joys of pregnancy looks by wearing pretty baby-color dresses and chic outfits that proudly unveil her budding baby bump. But this time, the mother-in-law has adopted a slightly more daring dress under the protocol imposed by the Queen of England. No more length-noon, Kate Middleton wears exceptionally a skirt or a black dress (the mystery remains whole) much shorter than usual under an adorable cream-colored Claudine collar coat of the same length. An opportunity to show her legs that does not show up often but that seemed to delight the main interested. And if you remember correctly, it's a pregnancy look that she "recycled" since she already wore it in 2013!

>> Kate Middleton, pregnant, she has a rounder belly than ever in a blue dress

A sober and elegant outfit, always so chic but which is still a violation of the dress code of the royal family ...

May the queen reassure herself, the young woman had covered her legs with very opaque black tights and a pair of boots of the same color that scrambled the tracks as to the length well above the knee of her outfit. But then, what about Kate Middleton's behavior vis-à-vis the fashion imperatives of her status? Is this a special treat to thank her for the upcoming arrival of a third little crowned head? It remains for us to observe the upcoming looks of pregnancy of the young and pretty mom to find out!

>> Kate Middleton, pregnant and ultra chic in navy blue set that displays her very round belly

Video: Kate Middleton reportedly broke Royal Protocol by food while she was pregnant for the fourth time (November 2019).


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