Photo - Pauline Ducruet, the daughter of Stepha-nie of Monaco dares glitter boots in Chanel

An experienced fashionist moreover in the clan of the princely family of Monaco?

Invited to one of the most hype events of the moment by the House Chanel for the launch of a new watch branded double C, Pauline Ducruet, the daughter of Stéphanie de Monaco, made a notable appearance because of its ultra sharp look.
At just 23 years old, the young woman has everything of a true fashionista and already seems to master all the codes of chic dressing that she perfectly personalises with her elegant ensemble composed of a simple little black dress well cut (and rather short) and of a jacket long suit which matches perfectly with the garment underneath. A beautiful revisit of tailor feminine which is perfect for its young age and which puts it undoubtedly in value. A sober look but wisely brightened by more fun accessories for a fresh and irresistible look: at the top of two-tone silver glitter boots whose black tip and heel contrast with the rest of the model. A key piece of the season for the house that twists in the blink of an eye its simple look to give it all its charm a juvenile. And to complete her ideal and girly outfit, Pauline bet on a message folder very modern and playful as well as a bracelet, also scratched, who clearly displays his love for Chanel. A trio of well-chosen accessories that are worth it and not without reason, the crackling flashes of the photographers who came to immortalize the Chanel event.
Is Charlotte Casiraghi's cousin ready to dethrone her from her fashion pedestal?


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Video: PHOTOS. La grand-mère de Pauline Ducruet dévoile des photos pr. . (November 2019).


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