How to wash a cashmere sweater?

Warm, elegant and lightweight, the cashmere sweater is an ultra desirable wool stitch that has (almost) everything to please ... Its only small flaw: it is fragile. So here are all our tips to wash it without damaging it.

Wash a machine cashmere sweater: instructions for use

Contrary to popular belief, this is not contraindicated because the cashmere washing machine very well! The reason ? The drum movement of your washing machine is more regular than what you would do by hand, which helps to take care of it. However, there is no question of passing it in a machine to a classic program! This method of washing requires a more delicate program, special wool, because this fragile material should not be washed at a temperature too high at the risk of shrinking. If you do not want to end up with your favorite sweater in size 10 and therefore a piece of clothing that you can not put on, here's how:

1- Slip on your cashmere sweater in a lingerie net to prevent it from catching on the drum of the machine. If you do not replace the net with a pillow case, it will do just fine!

2- Use a special wool detergent more respectful of your mesh to keep it intact.

3 - Then select the special wool program, cold preferably or at 30 ° C maximum, and adjust the spin so that it does not exceed 600 turns.

4 - Once the washing is done, dry your flat sweater not to distort it.

Good to know : Do not put softener. Your cashmere is already quite soft and, above all, the product may fuse your sweater, that is to say, tighten its mesh by shrinking it. A process that will rather alter its sweetness!

Wash a cashmere sweater by hand: the right actions

Are you reluctant to give your favorite cashmere sweater to your washing machine? In this case, you can of course clean your sweater by hand, provided you respect these 3 rules:

1 - Wash your cashmere in cold water
It is forbidden to wash your cashmere sweater in hot water as it could damage the cashmere fibers and deform your sweater. Cap therefore only on cold water! Prepare a basin with fresh water to which you add a few drops of special wool detergent.

2 - Give him an express cleaning
No way to let your cashmere dip for hours in the basin of water. This fragile mesh requires an express cleaning so as not to deform by absorbing the laundry too long. On your marks, ready? To your cashmere!

3 - Do not twist the mesh or rub it
To wash without damaging, the good gesture is to gently knead your sweater in the water for a few minutes.

And it's also good for drying: once out of the water, wring out your cashmere sweater between two terry towels. Above all, do not bend it to get the excess water out. Then make it dry flat, away from the sun and far from a source of heat.
You are ready to pamper your cashmere sweater!

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