Melania Trump, elegant and (finally) without her fetish fashion accessory in China

Surprise, Surprise, Melania Trump made a remarkable appearance during her official trip and it is not for what she wears but rather what she does not wear!

When we think of Melania Trump, we can imagine right away his chic silhouettes with his well-cut clothes and the First Lady did not depart from the rule for the end of his stay in China. Elegant in a pencil skirt long unveiling only her ankles in a soft gray color, judiciously enhanced with a beige openwork belt for more charm, the wife of Donald Trump completed his outfit with a simple small black sweater end to turtleneck. All, one long coat, chic and black, thrown on the shoulders. A sober look and good taste, which for once, was not going to pair with the favorite accessory of Melania ... Faithful to his sunglasses to admire the breathtaking view and protect themselves from the flash of the paparazzi, the First Lady has indeed change his habits regarding his shoes! Yes, several times criticized for having worn heels moments opportune, the wife of Donald Trump seems to have retained the lesson of fashion. This time Melania had traded his stilettos for a pair of ballerinas beige all there is more flat the time of his walk along the Great Wall of China. And as it is one of the rare times that we see the First Lady without heels, here is the proof in picture if you do not believe it!

© Ng Han Guan / AP / SIPA

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