Choose your coat after 50 years

With the arrival of the first frost, it's time to invest in a good coat. How to choose the right model to be to his advantage? Explanations according to your silhouette.

I have an X morphology

Very harmonious, the X silhouette is easy to highlight and allows many possibilities. With your thin waist, your hips and shoulders wide but aligned, you can afford all outfits that mark the size to put it nicely in value. The belted coat, either the bathrobe model or a model that you choose to belt at your leisure, is your perfect ally. It will emphasize your size with elegance and will also highlight your chest and hips. Wear it with jeans, a low-cut shirt or a flowing dress for a modern look.

The council of Serengo : opt for a leather belt (a safe bet) of color, to brighten your look and slice with that of the coat.

I have a morphology in H

If you have broad shoulders and hips aligned, but the size is not really marked, you are the silhouette H. With its fitted cut to the shoulders and hips, the right coat is your ideal partner to lengthen your figure. This coat, straight out of the men's wardrobe, is feminized in the blink of an eye with accessories and well-chosen clothes: a shiny pocket, a straight skirt and a pair of pumps. One can even dare the big soft sweater on cigarette pants with a pair of square heeled boots for comfort. Get started!

The council of Serengo : favor beautiful long and straight cuts if you are tall (shorter if you are small). But do not overlook the qualitative topics that will guarantee a beautiful fall. Finally, modernize your look with accessories, such as a shoulder bag or a bucket bag very popular this season.

I have a morphology in A

If you have the upper body menu and the rounder bottom, more commonly called triangle silhouette, it's up to you! With a small chest, a slim waist, narrow shoulders, wide hips and thighs all round, the ball coat is for you. The wraparound shape is perfect to hide your little imperfections. On the other hand, one takes height with a pair of boots and one feminizes its look with a lace top or a Chambray shirt close to the body. For smaller breasts, a comfy sweater will enhance your silhouette under your over.

The council of Serengo : dare pastel colors, possibly leopard discrete prints or play the map of graphic patterns with tiles, very popular this season.

I have a morphology in I

You are tiny, lanky, your shoulders and hips are aligned with a small size. With this androgynous morphology you are I. To you the short coats, long, strong printed and bright colors ... You'll understand you can do everything!

The council of Serengo Dare to wear a fur collar to enhance your cleavage or military double-breasted coat. Finally make sure the coat length according to your size.

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