How to wear corduroy? Tips and trend selection

Jackets, slims, sneakers and accessories: this winter, velvet has the coast and could well shade the denim. Why this return? How to adopt it? We tell you everything.

Quit knows that November 11th is World Corduroy Day since an American (Miles Rohan) decided in 2005 to federate all lovers of this material? Even we, the info had escaped ... until we fall head for the collections of The Cords & Co, a brand new Swedish specialist corduroy, appeared simultaneously last summer in the 4 corners of the world with opening stores in his name in Paris, London, Stockholm and Los Angeles. Its goal ? Convince the "denims addicts" that corduroy - corduroy in English - it's good too!

But what relationship with November 11? The number 11 would be a type of corduroy (11 streaks per inch). CQFD!
Festive day or not, discover immediately our top trend corduroy selection.

Above all, it is necessary to speak of the return of velvet at all. Whether it's smooth, flabby or devoured, it's the hype of this fall-winter 2017-2018 season. Remember velvet looks on Max Mara's podium.

Corduroy has a lot of advantages for him. It not only has a story (it was a fetish material of the working uniform) but, in addition, it evokes an era, the seventies, synonymous with great freedom. Above all, it is a hot and robust material: the thicker it is, the more it will keep you warm on the days when the thermometer will scratch the zero degrees.
In short, it was enough for him to one day his great revival!

It all depends on your mood, your desire and your morphology.
Do you like vintage looks? To you the pants flare, lightly paw eph 'and tawny colors: they will give you a little look "Funny Lady" quite portable office, provided to associate them with a nice pair of shoes and a long winter coat .
Are you allergic to the retro side of the thing that reminds you of memories of back to school decked out in a velvet jumpsuit "marronnasse" chosen by your mother? In this case, go soft, and try to adopt the trend starting with some ribbed accessories: between sneakers and small bags, the winter collections will leave you choice.
Are you a little round? Avoid velvet ribbons wide and thick: they will only emphasize your curves and tamp down your entire figure. Crack for fine ribs and always prefer the skirt to the pants.
You are androgynous and you complex? The velvet with big ribs will save you the putting stuffing buttocks and thighs!

The rule is simple: if it's thick, you make it lighter. But if it's fine, we can almost afford everything.
Case study: you are small and have fallen for a flare high waist in thick corduroy. Our advice? Highlight the high waist of the trousers with a big belt and have a blouse or a blouse in it. And to get you started, choose shoes or boots with heels and cover with an open coat and knee length. Above all, ESPECIALLY not a mid-thigh length at the risk of breaking the harmony of the silhouette.

(Mango: winter collection 2017/2018)

Video: How To Syle: Corduroy Skirt (November 2019).


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