Jean Paul Gaultier not a fan of Céline Dion outfits

While for the past few months, everyone has been talking about his outfits. Jean Paul Gaultier, would not, him, not fan of the change of look of the iconic singer. We tell you why.

Guest on the set of the show Daily, by Yann Barthès, on TMC, the famous French couturier commented on the singer's looks Celine DionIn fact, for the last few months, Quebec's most Québécois singers have made a real change of look. Blossoming and almost unrecognizable, she has imposed herself in 2017 as a true fashion icon. His looks, all more crazy than each other, make the buzz at each of his public appearances. And if like you, we are rather fans of this fashion change, this is not the case for everyone. And yes, the famous stylist at the marinière clarified that some of his outfits were " weird ", adding that she:" has fun like a kid ".
As far as we are concerned, at the editorial, we are rather dazzled by its perfect plastic and we adore the fact that it has so much fun with fashion. And yes, it's done for that!

One thing is certain: we hope it will continue to surprise us. Do not touch Céline!
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