How to cook beetroot?

Red beets are a diet food recommended for their benefits. Tasty, slightly sweet and a nice red color, beets are used in all types of recipes!

To eat raw or cooked, the beets are all good! Quickly cooked in the microwave or longer in the oven, they are included in all our soup recipes, salads, or even pies.

Discover our more beautiful recipes made from red beets.

Cooking red beets in the pan: how to do?

The method of cooking beetroot will of course affect the number of calories in your dish. If you want to keep the line, avoid frying or return to olive oil for example. The best solution for cooking red beets: the pan. Prepare your beets first by cutting the roots on both sides. If you do not see any roots, leave as is. Brush them with a brush and water to remove the soil that may have remained attached. By cons, leave the skin on your beets. This allows them to keep their color. Put some water and a little salt in your pan, be careful that your beets are all well immersed. With this method of cooking, no need to cut the beets. For well-cooked beets, you can leave them in boiling water for 30 minutes over medium heat. Check the cooking by pressing a fork into a beet. If it sinks easily, your beets are cooked. You can also do another test: try to remove the skin with your hands. If it goes away easily, beets are ready!

How to cook red beets in the microwave?

Some are a little skeptical about cooking vegetables in the microwave. If you're in this category, keep this solution in mind for those days when you do not have much time and where you need to cook your beets very quickly. Medium sized beets will only take 5 to 6 minutes to cook in the microwave. The preparation of the beets in the microwave is a little different compared to their cooking with water. Start in the same way to cut the roots. Then pierce your beets in several places with a knife. Pack them in baking paper, this will prevent them from drying out during cooking. Check that your baking paper is suitable for microwaves! Close your beet package well and put it in the microwave. You can have a cloth under the beets because they often lose juice during cooking. If your beets are small, cook for 5 to 6 minutes, if they are relatively large, count 10 to 12 minutes instead. Then check the cooking with a knife.

Cooking beets in the Cocotte-minute

The Cocotte-minute is a fairly effective and fast solution to cook your beets and keep all their benefits. Prepare your beets as indicated for the method of cooking with water (cut the roots, brush the earth and especially leave the skin!) Add a large glass of water in the bottom of your pressure cooker and arrange your beets in the steam basket. Close the lid tightly and start your timer for 15 minutes. Cooking should be done over medium heat. Stop the fire and let the pressure drop slowly in the pressure cooker. Then open your casserole and put a little fork in your beets. If the fork sinks easily from top to bottom, it is because they are perfect and ready to be eaten. Be careful, if your beets are big enough, you will need to increase the cooking time.

Cooking red beets in the oven

When baking red beets in the oven, cut their roots and brush them. Pack them individually in foil with the skin. Put them in the oven at 180 ° C for about 20 to 30 minutes. There is another method, without aluminum foil. Leave the roots of your beets, brush them and wash them with water. With a brush, brush your beets with olive oil. Then arrange them on a dish with baking paper and cook at 200 ° C for 45 minutes to an hour. Let your imagination speak and create some pretty beetroot recipes.

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