Makeup tutorial: easy colorful eyeliner

Ideal for brown or hazel eyes, this pepsy liner can be worn both during the day and in the evening. Discover our video tips to make it in 5 minutes at home.

How to realize it? If you are not comfortable with eyeliners in liquid or felt form, use a pencil and a beveled brush. The layout will be easier and small skids easier to erase! Begin by placing the color flush with the lashes by making small tapping. Then stretch the material at the outer corner to form the tip of the liner.

For who ? Between the midnight blue and the purple, this shade of eyeliner is very pretty on Brown eyes, hazel or green. Wear with a bright complexion and nude lips for an ultra-chic result.

The eyeliner used in this video: Phyto-Eye Twist Amethyst, Sisley, 33 €.

Thanks to Sisley

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Video: Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial. 12 Different Eyeliner Looks (December 2019).


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