Hydrogen peroxide, an amazing ally in the garden

Most often used to disinfect wounds or to lighten hair, hydrogen peroxide can also be useful in the garden. To oxygenate roots too much water or away insects, find out how to use it for your plants.

Also known as hydrogen peroxide, it is a chemically oxygenated water that can be found in any supermarket or pharmacy.
As natural gardening has become a necessity, discover how to use hydrogen peroxide, a good alternative to pesticides.

Why use hydrogen peroxide in the garden?

Like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide can be used in the garden.
To the oxygenating and bactericidal propertiesit can be used to keep away pests and take care of the roots of its plants.

Hydrogen peroxide gives extra oxygen to the plants and maintains the roots. This is a good solution if you have watered your plants too much because it will re-oxygenate the roots. It also stimulates germination.

It also prevents the formation of algae or mold. It is also a cure for mildew.

Well used oxygenated water is not bad for the Earth. Use it with care and without excess.

How to use hydrogen peroxide?

To handle hydrogen peroxide, put on gloves It is recommended not to ingest it, it should be used for external use only. Do not leave it within reach of children.

To maintain the roots of your plants, it is recommended to put 3 mL of hydrogen per liter of water. It is also handy if you have watered your plants too much. It will oxygenate your roots, and prevent them from rotting.

To make your seeds germinate fastersoak them for 30 minutes in hydrogen peroxide (10 volumes). Rinse them and then sow. Germination should be faster

To use it as an insecticide, put in a sprayer a mixture of half oxygenated water and half water. Spray on your fruits and vegetables from the garden, or on your plants. This solution repels insects and prevents them from laying their eggs there.

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